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1. Repair Terms and Conditions

  1. Repairs can be scheduled for both in warranty and out of warranty products

  2. Warranty repair service will be performed in accordance with the Limited Product Warranty packaged with the Covered Products.

  3. For out of warranty repair service, a repair estimate will be provided for prior approval before any repairs are performed. Repair estimates will be provided via email. If you do not reply to this repair estimate within thirty (30) days of Fujifilm’s receipt of the product, the product will be returned to you un-repaired.

  4. Product warranties take effect on the date of purchase. Additionally, a product which is submitted for warranty service requires proof of warranty eligibility. If you have not uploaded a purchase receipt into the registration portal to confirm the purchase date of your product, you will be asked to provide one, for verification purposes, when your product is evaluated for repair. If Fujifilm’s standards for proof of warranty are not satisfied, service will be handled as an out of warranty repair and a repair estimate will be provided.

  5.  All products should be sent in for warranty or out-of-warranty repair service without accessories, and with the SD Card removed. Fujifilm is not responsible for any SD card (or any images, video or other content which may be contained on it) or any accessory which may be provided with any Covered Product in any circumstance.

  6. In no event will Fujifilm be responsible for any claims, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses whatsoever relating to an SD card or accessory sent in with a Covered Product for warranty or repair service.

2. Shipping

  1. When using our online scheduling tool, you will be asked to pay for shipping and be provide with a shipping label to ship your items to Fujfilm. Please note that the shipping cost is calculated automatically and includes $100 of insurance for the items associated with the service request. Please affix your provided FedEx shipping label to your packaged products, take note of the tracking number, and deliver it to your nearest FedEx Shipment location.  All products should be shipped to:FUJIFILM Camera Repair 1100 King Georges Post Rd. Edison, NJ 08837 844-372-7100

  2. All products sent to Fujifilm (whether sent via a Fujifilm provided shipping label or otherwise) must be properly packaged so as to avoid damage during shipping. In addition, Fujifilm recommends that all shipments be tracked to confirm delivery. You assume all responsibility for products shipped to Fujifilm including, without limitation, any liability for damage, theft or loss during shipping, irrespective of whether a Fujifilm provided shipping label was provided.

  3. A correct street address (no PO Boxes) within the continental United States or District of Columbia must be supplied for return shipment. All products will be returned signature required; it is your responsibility to have someone available to receive returned product. The carrier’s delivery, pick-up and return policies will apply.